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Your Business - First Steps for Entrepreneurs (YourBiz)

Your Business – First Steps for Entrepreneurs (YourBiz) is focussed on helping individuals turn their ideas into commercially viable businesses. As an educator involved with business, Chris is often asked for assistance from individuals wanting help to turn their ideas into a successful business. First Steps for Entrepreneurs was developed to meet the needs of such people who appreciate having much more than just access to written resource material.

Each lesson is divided into two parts. 

  • Part 1 relates to business strategy.
  • Part 2 relates to the essential practical, day to day issues that new business owners must face.

Allow up to five hours for each lesson.

The context for this course is the New Zealand business environment and the focus is practical, helpful information to set you on the right track with your new business idea.

Option One: The seven stage, 35 hour, self paced course is available FREE to those who register. No certification is provided upon completion.

Option Two: If written feedback is required, a fee of NZD50 is payable per course. If feedback is provided for each lesson, a certificate is provided upon successful completion of the course.


Lesson Number Strategy Practical
1 What’s the big idea? Business entity options
2 Marketing Company formation
3 Operations Compliance
4 Technology Get organized and file where you can find it
5 Finance IRD –GST, ACC, PAYE, FBT
6 Ongoing Business Development Where to go for extra assistance
7 Putting it all together –The Business Plan

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