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Those who have been involved in the ICT sector in New Zealand know that there have been a number of unsuccessful attempts to form an industry body that had credibility with companies, government and professional groups in the ICT sector.  When the establishment board of NZICT was formed in December 2008, Axcel Institute became a founding member.  One of the first initiatives of NZICT was to commission a skills survey of NZICT members which was undertaken by Axcel Institute with support from the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Economic Development. Despite the perennial complaints from companies about the difficulties of obtaining sufficiently qualified and experienced staff, there was no firm research base to turn this from anecdotal comments to firm evidence.  This NZICT initiated research project was the first formal research to identify the seriousness of the reported ICT skills shortages in New Zealand. 

Later in 2009, the survey was extended to a wider group of companies and government organisations that recruit ICT staff.  The  resulting report was widely publicised and provides a platform for further action by NZICT.

“The national survey of skills gaps and ultrafast broadband readiness was one of the top priorities for NZICT when it was formed.  Axcel institute worked with NZICT and the Ministry of Economic Development to undertake this research in the form of a confidential online survey, the results of which were presented in the report published on our website.  We were impressed with the quality of the report and the accompanying analysis provided by Axcel Institute which has provided us with a key platform for further action.”

Brett O’Riley CEO, NZICT Group.



Auckland ICT is the business cluster for high growth companies in the Auckland region. They hold monthly events in locations throughout the Auckland CBD and North Shore. These meetings, including a presentation from an industry leader and networking drinks, typically attract 50 – 60 people from ICT companies and specialist service providers. The cluster is sponsored byAuckland City Council, Enterprise North Shore, and Simpson Grierson. Auckland ICT cluster asked Axcel Institute to conduct an independent and confidential survey of its members.  The resulting report provided specific recommendations for the executive committee to consider and gave assurance to their sponsors that sponsors’ investments are valued and beneficial to member companies.

 “Axcel Institute worked with us to design and deliver an online survey of our members.  By helping us ask the right questions Axcel Institute has given us some crucial insights into what motivates our members.  The resulting report has become an important contributor to our future planning.

In addition to our annual membership survey, Axcel Institute provided us with a free, short survey that takes members just seconds to complete. Thanks to Axcel Institute we now have a very effective feedback system in place that helps plan our future events.

Simon Fawkes, Cluster Facilitator, Auckland ICT.

The Education Sector
Schools and educational organisations have found the services provided by Axcel Institute invaluable in seeking feedback to inform decision making.

We have used questionnaires to help us put together a strategic plan. Feedback was essential and we simply didn’t have the time or expertise to do it by ourselves. Over time, we have been able to collect comparative data and this has helped us monitor trends and changes.”

(Secondary BOT Chairperson)

“We needed to deal with a very sensitive personnel problem and had to have evidence of the seriousness of the issue. The questionnaire data gave us accurate information that we were able to use to plan our next steps. It was vital to have an independent analysis.”

(Primary School Principal)

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