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Research and Evaluation

The directors of Axcel Institute have extensive experience working with businesses, government, and education sectors. We have years of experience in evaluating projects, programmes and Ministry of Education initiatives. We help you get the information you need to guide your decisions for the future.

The directors’ expertise includes large quantitative studies, specialist qualitative work, ethnography, grounded theory, action research, opinion polling and surveys. Frequently commissioned work includes whole research projects, parent and community surveys, student questionnaires, appraisal questionnaires and action research tools and strategies. We are able to provide data analysis and interpretation services in both quantitative and qualitative areas. It is essential that we either design the research tool, or approve it before use if we are doing the analysis.

Once we have collected the data we analyse the results and report the evidence to you in a meaningful way. There is no better way to guide your decisions for the future.


  • Research design and implementation
  • Research projects & surveys
  • Online questionnaires
  • Focus groups
  • Document analysis
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Research methodology & data collection
  • Customer feedback
  • Market research
  • Community consultation


  • Evaluative case study
  • Formative evaluation
  • Programme evaluation
  • Customer service evaluation
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