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Online Questionnaires

Get the information you need to plan your future
The first challenge is to design the questions.  People will almost always respond to a questionnaire but if you do not ask the right questions and in the right way, the answers you get may be invalid, misleading or unusable. For this reason, you may want to engage the services of our skilled team.

The Directors of Axcel Institute have been involved in questionnaire design for many years. Both Directors have been involved in national research projects involving questionnaire design. Axcel Institute works with you to design and pilot the questionnaire to maximise the number and quality of responses.
We manage the process of questionnaire design. We collate and analyse the results and provide you with an actionable report.

Whether your stakeholders are internal and/or external, we provide you with the independent analysis that you need to improve performance


  • Client/community consultation
  • 360 degree employee evaluation
  • Employee feedback
  • Job satisfaction
  • Seminar evaluation
  • Manager effectiveness
  • Exit interviews


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service feedback
  • Product feedback
  • Product testing experience
  • Software evaluation/review
  • Website feedback

We tailor our service to your specific requirements. 
We can:

  • help you decide what you should ask to get the information you require
  • design the questions and structure of the questionnaire
  • send the questionnaire to your nominated respondents
  • receive and collate the responses to your questionnaire
  • analyse findings
  • present the results of your questionnaire in an easily understood report.

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