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What we do


Axcel Institute is an experienced independent research and evaluation company. It grew out of a long history of involvement in the business, education and government sectors developing programmes that bring together solutions to meet the needs of clients in these sectors.


We also offer a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (GradDipIT) under a license agreement with other tertiary education providers.  


Our name, Axcel Institute, encapsulates both acceleration and excellence.


Our services provide you with the opportunity to accelerate your success.   We undertake large and small scale research and evaluation services which provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your future direction


Excellence is reflected in the high standard of our work as well as our commitment to developing excellence in the organisations in which we work. 


Past experience and expertise includes large quantitative studies, specialist qualitative work, ethnography, grounded theory, action research, opinion polling and surveys. Axcel Institute provides a strong academic and professional network, and access to the latest research and literature. 


Through our association with The Education Group we also provide school leadership training, facilitation and school development services.

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